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The Lost Colonists. Theories...and Guesses

Most people in this country know about the story of the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island. This was a small group of people who settled here from England. When the leader of the group, John White,  left to return to England for supplies he did not know he would not be able to return for three long years and that when he did get back, the 117 colonists were nowhere to be found.

November! One of my favorite months on the Outer Banks

Summer is not my favorite season, never has been. Too hot, too humid.  I love fall and winter and especially on the Outer Banks. It does not really get cold here (usually) until January and even then, we rarely get snow and it does not get below 30 degrees to often. Now, October and nice. The weather is just right, warm days and nice nights.  Gorgeous sunsets too.

Jennette's Pier in Nags Head

Jennette's Pier was the first fishing pier built on the Outer Banks.  Warren Jennette Sr and the Jennette Brothers started construction on May 22 of 1939.   The Virginia Dare Construction and Salvage Corporation was hired for the job of sinking pilings and erecting the wooden decking over the ocean.

Outer Banks Attractions. The Corolla Wild Horses

One of the most popular attractions on the Outer Banks has to be our beloved Corolla Wild Horses.  The best and safest way to see the horses is by taking a tour with one of the guide services that are located in Corolla. We recommend Corolla OutBack Adventures Tours.  You will find them at 1150 Ocean Trail, north of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

Year Round Living On the Outer Banks

Frequently when I tell someone that I live on the Outer Banks, the comment I hear is “Wow, you sure are lucky!” The truth about living on the Outer Banks is that it is a choice. Many people are curious what it is like here in the off season, what it’s like to see vacationers come and go as the seasons change.

Fall on the Outer Banks

Off  season, shoulder season, after Labor Day, matter what you call it this is the time of  year on the Outer Banks when things slow down just a bit, but not as much as you might think.

Seagreen Gallery nags head

Must Do's While You are On the Outer Banks.

If you are a frequent visitor to our wonderful Outer Banks then you no doubt will have been to some of these places, or done some of these things. but maybe not all of them.  Locals have a unique perspective and some not so well known places they go...but I am willing to share. 


Summertime and the livin' is easy, the fish are jumpin' and the dune grass is high…..

OBX Pridefest Delivers Check to Outer Banks Relief Foundation

First Colony Inn recently hosted the 3rd Annual OBX Pridefest in September of this year. The Board of Directors of OBX Pride, Inc., a Nags Head based nonprofit, recently gathered at the offices of the Outer Banks Relief Foundation to deliver a check for $1,200.  After a successful 3rd Annual OBX Pridefest, their flagship fundraiser, Board Officers David Miller and Charles and Jeanne


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