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What's Under There?

Not too long ago I posted a photo of the top of the "buried castle" under Jockey's Ridge. The turrets are part of the castle that is part of the putt putt course that has long been hidden under lots and lots of sand.

Nice People

I think one of the best things from visitors here on the Outer Banks is how nice they think most people who live here are. From shopkeepers to wait staff to doctors and medical professionals, surfers, fishermen and other locals. Well, we, all of us, should be nice and kind and polite and considerate to each other. Always, or most of the time anyway.

Catch a Cab, Take a Taxi

Since we have a big holiday weekend coming up, and the annual Outer Banks Taste of the Beach is coming up...and the unofficial start of the season on the OBX is not far away, it is a great time for a reminder...Don't Drink and Drive! There are many taxis here on the beach who will pick you up and take you to your destination safely...and then back home and sound.

Eat Your Vegetables.

Many people think of seafood...good, fresh, local seafood, when they think of the Outer Banks. And, thankfully, we have many wonderful restaurants and seafood markets where they can get their fill. However, we also have many vegetarians and vegans who visit, and for them, the choices are not as many, but there are choices.

Outer Banks Community Quilt Show at Roanoke Island Festival Park

The Outer Banks Community Quilt Show will open on Friday, March 4, with an opening reception from 6-8 the Art Gallery at Roanoke Island Festival Park. The exhibit will run March 5-19. (Monday -Friday- 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (exhibit closed Sundays). Both events are free and open to the public.

Hearts, Flowers, Candy, Love, OBX

Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year, February 14. We are reopening on the 9th and have a special offer for that weekend: Stay one night over Valentines weekend and get a bottle of Bubbly. Stay two or more nights and you will get our Honeymoon Package: 6 roses, a small box of Godiva chocolate and a bottle of sparkling wine. Valentines weekend is February 12-15.

Take a Vacation

According to a recent poll (not scientific) on one website most people either do not take enough vacations or worse, never take one. When we do take vacations we are often still "plugged in" via our cell phones, I-pads and lap top computers. So, we are really not "away" from work at all. Just like your weekends, vacations are a time to relax, restore and recharge.

Way back

Having lived on the Outer Banks since 1972 I have seen a lot of businesses come and go, expand, move their location, etc. So, every now and then I like to play the game "Do you remember when...?" Read More Mulligans Restaurant is now located between the roads near Jockey's Ridge, around MilePost 13 in Nags Head. Great food, (shrimp and grits and burgers!) and good service.


True Blue ~ this was a metaphorical term use to describe an honest and hardy sailor who was true to his uniform, and uniformly true. Today we use to to talk about a person who is loyal and faithful.

Three Sheets to the Wind ~ We say this about a person who is drunk, out of it. In nautical terms: A "sheet" is a rope line attached to the lower corners of a square sail. When the "sheets" or lines are loose, the sails will flap and flutter and the ship will wander aimlessly on the water."

High and Dry ~ refers to a beached ship or one that is in the shipyard for repairs. We use us to refer to an awkward situation that may have no recourse

Cranky ~ A crank meant an unstable sailing vessel. Due to either unbalanced cargo, poor design or a possible lack of ballast, a crank would hell too far to the wind. That is not good. In everyday use, crank usually refers to an irritable person.

Pipe Down! ~ The boatswain's pipe was used to transmit commands throughout the ship. Each one has a different cadence. The final call of the day meant it was time to stop all noise and activity. The "pipe down" verbal command was used by sailors and now civilians. It means, Be Quiet!

Blind Eye ~ During the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, Admiral Nelson deliberately held his telescope to his blind eye. That way he could not see the flag signal from the commander ordering a halt to the bombardment. He won. When we use this term today, we are referring to purposely ignore something or someone.

Over a Barrel ~ Way back, before the resuscitation methods that are used today, a near-drowning victim was draped face down, over a barrel, and rolled back and forth in an effort to drain the water from their lungs. Today it means to be in a weak or very difficult situation.

Down the Hatch! ~ Means that cargo is being lowered into the ship's hold. When we use it today we are usually toasting an event or celebrating something.

Shove Off ~ In nautical terms it is the procedure of moving the ship away from the dock and getting under way. On land, you might say it, in not such a nice way, to someone you want to leave.

Blood Money ~ Money was the financial reward for sinking an enemy ship. However, the amount of the reward was not based on the size of the ship or the importance of it either. It was based on the number of crew members killed.

The Graveyard of the Atlantic is located at 59200 Museum Drive on Hatteras Island. Website is

Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks

Yes, we are open for Thanksgiving and yes, as of now, we have rooms available. And you will not have to do dishes or cook or be stressed or have to talk to your husband's creepy brother-in-law this year. Book a room, choose your restaurant. Come down, eat, take a nap.


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