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About our beaches

 Which beach on the Outer Banks is just right for you?  Do you want a beach with walkways to the ocean and public restrooms...or do you want some place a little more rustic or closer to nature?  Lots of here we go...

A couple of things that apply to all our beaches. 

Slow move too've got to make your vacation last is already June. The season is here...and so are the  people. For that, we are very grateful. Summers tend to pass by in a blur for us...we stay very busy. Thankfully, it is a labor of love and it is always nice to see guests come back to the inn. 

Owen's Restaurant in Nags Head

My best friend came to visit the Outer Banks last weekend. She has been living in California for the past 40  years and just moved to Greenville, SC for her job. She had not been to the Outer Banks since the last time she visited me, five years ago. So, we talked, we shopped and we ate.

Not So Well Known Places on the OBX

You may want to check out these places and attractions on the Outer Banks. We have a lot more than our beautiful beaches to offer. If I had my wish, everyone would be able to spend two consecutive weeks here on vacation. At least. The first week you relax, rest, restore. Go the the beach, out to eat, spend time with family and just take it easy.

Spring is here...what's new and what you need to know

Outstanding weather, blue skies, calm ocean and almost every business is open back up for the 2015 season. There are quite a few events coming up that you may want to go, art, open houses, an earth fair and more. 

And, lots of marathons, if you are the running type. 


We are pretty laid back here on the Outer Banks and we hope, that if you are stressed out when you check in that you will be destressed when you check out. Don't try to make everything " won't happen.

We are OPEN!

It is COLD here today...maybe the coldest day of the winter so far...28 degrees at 11:30 am.  However, the sun is shining and that wind has finally calmed down. We had several days of very high winds and huge waves. Beautiful to look at, and believe it or not, our local surfers were in the water. Die hards, and a little crazy too.  

Off season and A Great Art Show and Time for Oysters

Right now we are closed until February 2nd so we can clean, repair and refurbish. It is really the OFF season...I can drive to work on the beach road and see maybe 5 cars total. But not to worry, there are still lots of choice to eat on the Outer Banks.  One of my favorites, and very close by, is Darrel's 2 in the Nags Head Mall, side shops.

Off island, traffic and Ethiopian food

I had to go to Virginia last week, first time off of the Outer Banks in a long time. I actually took the train from Newport News, VA to Alexandria, VA and it was a great trip. I just cannot drive in all the traffic on interstates anymore. Makes me too nervous.

What's Open This Time of Year?

While this is MY favorite time of the the weather, love the sunsets, love the pace...I do realize that for visitors it may be a little harder to find restaurants open. Never fear, there are choices, good choices, for you.  Kelly's Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern is open all year long and consistently serves  great food. Seafood, steaks, pastas...and more.


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